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What Students are saying:

If you are interested in contacting any of the developers listed  about their experiences in the workshops email the iPhone Boot Camp and we will provide you with their contact information:

Chicago iPhone Boot Camp:

“The Chicago iPhone Boot camp training was worth every penny spent, every minute attended, and every mile driven (400 miles total).  I was very happy with the trainer Arek.  He did a great job.  He’s very knowledgeable with  good presentation and training skills” – Mazen Neffakh

San Francisco iPhone Boot Camp

“ The San Francisco trainer Neal Goldstein definitely made this course unique, practical and worth the expense by heading off the “trouble spots” of various areas of iPhone programming, rather than just teaching a vanilla curriculum that you could download from iTunes. Every hour of the course was packed with useful information and exercises; not one soul out of the 15 or so developers who attended the course left early on any given day. I am very glad I made the investment. ”-  Craig J.

New York City iPhone Boot Camp

“If you want to develop apps on the iphone you need this NYC intensive workshop. Don’t try this on your own, unless you have a couple of months to spare ” —Craeg K Strong – lead developer,

London iPhone Boot Camp

“Just thought I would give you some feedback after attending the London iPhone  bootcamp. Well after 3 long days all I can say is what a fantastic course. I think we were lucky having Charles as here is someone who not only demonstrated an absolutely fantastic knowledge of the subject he was teaching but was very patient and stayed past 6 each night for as long as was needed to help the students.”- Gary Kind


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iPad App Store hits 3 billion downloads, represents 19% of Apple’s iOS devices

apple iPad App Store hits 3 billion downloads, represents 19% of Apples iOS devices
There have been 3 billion downloads of App Store applications designed specifically for Apple’s iPad, representing 19 percent of all iOS App Store downloads, a new study has found.

ABI Research announced in a press release on Wednesday that it has estimated 3 billion applications have been cumulatively downloaded since the iPad first launched in 2010. The iPad represents nearly a fifth of all cumulative iOS downloads, despite the fact that it debuted nearly three years after the iPhone, and two years after the iOS App Store opened.

“Discounting all of those apps that were originally downloaded for Android smartphones, Android still trails greatly behind the iPad in terms of its tablet app offerings,” research associate Lim Shiyang said. “Many Android tablets in the market are still using older versions of Android, which disadvantages users from enjoying the better effects of apps produced from more advanced software development kits.”

ABI estimates that there are 120,000 applications that have been created specifically for the iPad available on the App Store as of the third quarter of 2011. That number and timeframe is consistent with news that surfaced last June after the number of applications on the App Store topped 100,000.

The growth of iPad-specific applications and downloads of iPad software is comparable to the explosive start the iPhone had when the App Store first opened. Apple announced that iPhone and iPod touch application downloads had topped 3 billion in early January of 2010, or less than 18 months after the App Store opened.

ABI’s tablet data does not include iPhone applications, which can also be run from the iPad but do not take advantage of the tablet’s larger 9.7-inch multi-touch display. The research firm has also predicted that Android tablets will gain more traction in terms of applications with the release of Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich,” which enhances tablet support for the mobile operating system over its predecessor, Android 3.0 “Honeycomb.”

The data comes from ABI Research’s “Mobile Applications Market Data,” which tracks mobile application downloads and revenues segmented by mobile operating system platform. Included in the database are historical data and forecasts for application downloads, as well as revenue forecast and an overview of mobile storefronts like Apple’s App Store and the Android Market.

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iPhone Boot Camp Special Silicon Valley iPad Meeting

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Apple Has Paid App Developers $2 Billion So Far

jobs3 Apple Has Paid App Developers $2 Billion So Far
The ongoing rivalry between Apple and Google continues to heat up. Both platforms offer hundreds of thousands of apps, both platforms have superior mobile devices to compliment their OS, and both platforms are pushing ahead in the world of tablets.

However, the two companies, Apple and Google, have strategies that are completely different when it comes to growth, market dominance, and its developer community. Putting aside the Google model of having hundreds of devices using its open sourced OS, vs. the Apple model of having one superior device with its industry-leading UI, the attention the two companies give their developers is worth examining.

During the iPad 2 event, Jobs announced some pretty impressive numbers such as 15 million iPads sold, 100 million iPhones sold, and a whopping 200 million iTunes accounts with linked credit cards. I would say that makes Apple a Web retail superpower. However, there was one more number Jobs quoted that you would never hear out of the mouth of an Android executive, and that is the amount of money Apple has paid developers since the birth of the App Store. $2 billion dollars!

Why is this a big deal? Putting aside the astronomic number itself, there is a fundamental difference between the way Apple views its developer community and the way Google does. Whether you are a cynic and believe Apple is doing this because they know the money is in apps, or because they really care about their developers, the bottom line is Apple takes care of its developers.

These $2 billion come from app downloads and in app purchases alone, and obviously do not include any advertising that the developer decided to integrate into his or her apps.

The point is that Apple makes the whole app development process as simple as possible for the developer with close to no fragmentation, easy payment methods, and an all in all completely seamless experience.

This of course speaks to us at inneractive since compared to other companies that help developers make money, once a developer integrates our SDK, that is only the beginning of the process. We do not expect the developer to know all about ad placement strategy or QA, but we do, and so we work closely with the developer to maximize revenue.

In an industry with such fierce competition like the mobile one, Apple realizes that making a superior product is only half the battle. Keeping your customers’ (in this case, developers) needs in mind is the other half and Apple does this to perfection.

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Average Salary of iPhone Developer

Nationall Salary Trend Average Salary of iPhone Developer

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iPhone Boot Camp Trainers’ App gets 7 Million Downloads

images iPhone Boot Camp Trainers App gets 7 Million Downloads
Congrats to Eddie Marks and James Anthony, our trainers in San Francisco, on the 7 million downloads of their Shotgun App

Read the entire article in Techcrunch

“Back in February 2009, Inedible Software released Shotgun [iTunes Link] after the company’s co-founders met in an iPhone development class at Stanford. The idea was simple: it’d turn your iPhone… into a shotgun. Users “pump” the shotgun by jerking the iPhone back and forth (vertically or horizontally), then “fire” by either tapping the screen or jerking your hand upward to simulate recoil. It was a fun toy, and something that Inedible hoped a few people might download.

Over 7 million downloads later, the company decided it was time to take things up a notch. Enter Shotgun Duel. Same idea, but with better graphics, improved gesture detection, and best of all: multiplayer dueling.” – Excerpt from Techcrunch

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Camera+: An Apps to Riches Story How Lisa Bettany went from struggling photographer to app evangelist.

camera+an apps to riches story Camera+: An Apps to Riches Story How Lisa Bettany went from struggling photographer to app evangelist.

Photo courtesy of Michael Grecco
Lisa Bettany is Camera+ app’s leading web evangelist and part of a team of six developers.

When Lisa Bettany’s skating partner accidentally dropped her on the ice eight years ago, the Canadian figure skater had no idea that the back-breaking fall would ultimately lead to a lucrative new career as a developer of iPhone apps.

But Bettany, 29, not only got back on her feet but took advantage of her seven-year recovery to master photography, start a blog, and, two years ago, partner with an international team of six developers to create Camera+, the top-ranked camera app in Apple’s iTunes store. The app, which gives iPhone and iPod Touch users the ability to enhance, edit and share photos via Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter, has been downloaded more than 3 million times since it launched in June 2010. The 99-cent app, designed to turn iPhones into high-quality digital cameras, has generated close to $2 million for Bettany and her partners in less than a year. That’s after Apple’s 30% cut.

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As the app’s leading web evangelist, Bettany has earned roughly $400,000 so far thanks to the 20% revenue share she negotiated with the app’s developers. The former linguistics grad student who once struggled to pay the bills as a freelance journalist and photographer is now literally making money while she sleeps.

“I’m so used to being poor,” says Bettany, whose Mom was paying her rent until the royalty checks starting arriving last August. “Now my bank calls me up all the time and asks, ‘What’s all this money?’”

Bettany’s apps-to-riches story is becoming increasingly common. With Apple recently celebrating the 10 billionth download to its iTunes store, creative young software developers are rushing to cash in on the latest digital business trend. With low development costs, a worldwide customer base and instant distribution, the creator of a successful app can hit it big without raising venture capital, hiring a sales force or recruiting a pricey management team.

John Casasanta, co-founder and chief of tap tap tap, the three-year-old company that developed and owns the Camera+ app, says he gives his developers a share of the app’s revenues instead of a guaranteed salary in order to lower the costs associated with developing the apps and pump out more apps in less time. This arrangement also allows the company to grow through cash flow, not venture capital.

“We’ve found this model to be extremely effective for us because it helps everyone involved do their best work,” Casasanta says.

Bettany is not your typical geek. A woman, a social networker and the self-described “face of the app,” her elfin good looks, whimsical how-to videos and intimate knowledge of apps and iPhones (her father, a professor, introduced her to Apple when she was two) have helped her stand out in a sea of largely anonymous tech bloggers. When her blog,, began to gain traction several years ago, she was invited to be a guest on tech podcasts such as MacBreakWeekly and This Week in Tech. Lisa was the host and producer of the TWiTnetwork’s weekly photography show, Mostly Photo, and hosted a popular gadget show in Canada called “Get Connected” which ran on Spike, BNN and CTV.

Bettany’s photos, tips and inspirational story have led thousands of followers to join her on Twitter and Facebook. In 2008, Casasanta spotted her Twitter Avatar (a wacky photo of Bettany wearing a Viking helmet) and invited her to join the team of developers that was building Camera+ figuring that her zany sense of humor and in-depth knowledge of photography and the iPhone would help his developers create a more popular app. After a year of 12-hour days and nightly brainstorming sessions with developers all over the world, Camera+ was born.

“It’s really a team effort,” says Bettany, who responds to roughly 200 messages a day from the app’s users and doubles as Agent Sophia in The Heist, a popular iPhone game created by tap tap tap’s sister company, MacHeist. “We each put in as much effort as we can to earn our share.”

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Here are Bettany’s three tips for other entrepreneurs looking to make it big in apps:

1. Be prepared to adjust your pricing. No matter how great your app may be, nobody’s going to buy it if it’s too expensive and gets buried in a sea of cheaper, more popular tools. The Camera+ app originally sold for $2.99, with the idea that iPhone users would pay more for a premium app. When sales failed to take off, the price tag was cut to 99 cents and the app shot up to No.2 in the iTunes ranking. Photo contests and buzz from tech blogs have helped, too.

2. Turn your fans into evangelists. Bettany uses her blog to offer tips and tricks on how to use Camera+ to create great photos and encourages fans to download the latest free upgrade. When iPhone users socialize their photos, it also builds buzz for Camera+.

3. Find developers who complement your skills. Bettany credits her app’s success to partnering with a talented and creative development team that spans the globe from Austria to New Zealand to San Francisco. Development sessions take place overnight on iChat and Skype, and everybody gets a say in how the app gets built. “We certainly have arguments [over which features to add],” she says, “but we’re all passionate about creating great apps.”

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Mobile developer starting salaries are projected to increase 9.1 percent next year, to a range of $85,000 to $122,500

Those looking for a new job should start by learning to program iPhone apps.

Mobile developers who can create apps for smartphones and tablets may be the most sought-after employees in Silicon Valley, as more companies look to boost their mobile presence for customers and employees. With such high demand for mobile developers, companies are having a hard time finding the right talent and are raising salaries and perks for the position.

Mobile developer starting salaries are projected to increase 9.1 percent next year, to a range of $85,000 to $122,500

For complete article go to:


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