Apple Has Paid App Developers $2 Billion So Far

jobs3 Apple Has Paid App Developers $2 Billion So Far
The ongoing rivalry between Apple and Google continues to heat up. Both platforms offer hundreds of thousands of apps, both platforms have superior mobile devices to compliment their OS, and both platforms are pushing ahead in the world of tablets.

However, the two companies, Apple and Google, have strategies that are completely different when it comes to growth, market dominance, and its developer community. Putting aside the Google model of having hundreds of devices using its open sourced OS, vs. the Apple model of having one superior device with its industry-leading UI, the attention the two companies give their developers is worth examining.

During the iPad 2 event, Jobs announced some pretty impressive numbers such as 15 million iPads sold, 100 million iPhones sold, and a whopping 200 million iTunes accounts with linked credit cards. I would say that makes Apple a Web retail superpower. However, there was one more number Jobs quoted that you would never hear out of the mouth of an Android executive, and that is the amount of money Apple has paid developers since the birth of the App Store. $2 billion dollars!

Why is this a big deal? Putting aside the astronomic number itself, there is a fundamental difference between the way Apple views its developer community and the way Google does. Whether you are a cynic and believe Apple is doing this because they know the money is in apps, or because they really care about their developers, the bottom line is Apple takes care of its developers.

These $2 billion come from app downloads and in app purchases alone, and obviously do not include any advertising that the developer decided to integrate into his or her apps.

The point is that Apple makes the whole app development process as simple as possible for the developer with close to no fragmentation, easy payment methods, and an all in all completely seamless experience.

This of course speaks to us at inneractive since compared to other companies that help developers make money, once a developer integrates our SDK, that is only the beginning of the process. We do not expect the developer to know all about ad placement strategy or QA, but we do, and so we work closely with the developer to maximize revenue.

In an industry with such fierce competition like the mobile one, Apple realizes that making a superior product is only half the battle. Keeping your customers’ (in this case, developers) needs in mind is the other half and Apple does this to perfection.

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