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Since 2008 the iPhone Boot Camp has trained over 300 developers in dozens of cities and we are looking for rockstar developers and/or iPhone authors that have a passion for sharing  their extensive knowledge of iPhone App development with the class.

Our trainers are aruguably the highest paid in the software training field, earning in some cases twice what traineers earn in other training companies and we hire the very best trainers in the industry.

Our trainers are all very experienced iPhone developers  and some are also authors of best selling books on the iPhone and Obj-C such as Jeff LaMarche (Beginning iPhone Development. Exploring the SDK – apress ), Steve Kochan (Programming Objective- C 2.0 – Addison WesleyPress) Dan Pilone (Head First iPhone Development- A Learners Guide to Creating Objective- Applications for the iPhone – O’Reilly Press)  Jonathon Manning and Paris  Butterfield-Addison (iPhone and iPad Game Development for Dummies – Wiley Press) and Matt Campbell (How to Make an iPhone App- Mobile App Mastery)

Developers only include trainers Eddie Marks and James Anthony (co-founders inedible Software), Ben Sgro (senior software engineer and development manager Elephant Ventures) , Charles Gamble (founder, Percula Software) and Oz Michaeli (co-founder,

Many of our instructors have apps in the top ten and real world experience in how to market apps in the app store  that they share with the developers in the workshop

As a trainer:

  • You may be required to travel. We have workshops all over the US and in Canada, Australia and the UK.
  • You will be required to create your own course materials based on our proven course materials and syllabus.
  • Prior experience in teaching iPhone development is a plus but not required.
  • If you speak a foreign language natively let us know. We are planning workshops in non-English speaking countries in the near future.

To apply to be a trainer for the iPhone Boot Camp send us a cover letter, your resume and links to your apps to:


or fill out out the trainers application form

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