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You must have a basic understanding of computer programing to develop iPhone applications. Ideally you should know Objective-C  although a knowledge of any objective oriented programming language such as Java, .Net, C or C++ is sufficient. We are not training in computer languages but iPhone application development using the most recent iPhone SDK.

If you do not have a basic knowledge of computer programming we recommend that you read the following books before taking the training. books should get your up to speed in about a month.

Beginning Programming for Dummies By Wallace Wang
Absolute Beginner’s Guide to C by Greg Perry
Objective-C for Dummies by Neal Goldstein

We recommend that you study the following material to prepare for the iPhone Boot Camp Master Classes and Workshops

BOOKS (available online on Amazon, including Kindle Editions and in most Barnes and Noble stores):
All Book Authored byiPhone Boot Camp Trainers:

Creating Good iPhone Apps for Dummies - Neal Goldstein
iPad Application Development For Dummies by Neal Goldstein
iPhone & iPad Game Development For Dummies by Neal Goldstein, Jon Manning and Paris Buttfield-Addison
Phone Application Development All-In-One For Dummies by Neal Goldstein
iPhone Application Development For Dummies by Neal Goldstein
Beginning iPhone Development - Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche
Learning Cocoa Development    - Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche
Programming in Objective C -2.0 - Steve Kochan
iPhone Game Development for Dummie – Jonathon Manning and Paris Butfield -Addision
Head First iPhone Development - Dan Pilone
How to Make iPhone Apps – Matthew Campbell


Jeff Lamarche’s Blog iPhone Development
Steve Kochan’s Blog ClassroomM

Files and video on http://developer.appl… and you can ask questions on http://devforums.appl…

Intel based Mac with the latest version of the SDK. You must have an Intel Mac to develop iPhone Apps, so you should consider buying or renting one for the workshop, preferably a laptop. All new Apple laptops have the Intel chip

It is not necessary to own an iPhone or iTouch as you can test your programs on the simulator although some aspects of the accelerometer such as shake don’t work on the simulator. If you have an iPhone or iTouch you can test your application on the phone tethered to your Mac.

The workshop teaches the latest version of the SDK.You must be a registered iPhone Developer to download the SDK. Apple charges $99 to join the developer program and we strongly recommend doing so if you are going to develop iPhone Applications.

Books by  a few of our trainers Jeff LaMarche, Steve Kochan, Dan Pilone, Matt Campbell, Paris Butterfield & Jon Manning
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How To Make An iPhone App E Book 150x150 Preparegaming book 150x150 Preparedan pilone book 150x150 Prepare

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